Remote Monitoring – A New Frontier in Managing Cyber Security

Remote Monitoring – A New Frontier in Managing Cyber Security

Remote Monitoring – A New Frontier in Managing Cyber Security

There has been a marked shift in workplaces across the world as more and more businesses adopt remote working. Advanced technology and easy access to the internet has been key in making remote working an almost seamless experience. At the same time, remote working has increased the risk of cyber-attacks as devices rely on the internet to connect to their servers at work.

The emergence of RATs

Employers are increasingly looking for ways to monitor their employees for their levels of productivity, protect intellectual rights and prevent confidential information leaks. Therefore, there is a need to use software tools that can remotely access, monitor and control devices used by employees. These software tools are called Remote Administration Tool or RAT.

RAT are powerful tools that can be used to remotely manage and monitor company resources. RATs can collect detailed data including which software applications were used and which websites were accessed from a device. They can be used to debug technical problems effectively. For example, if you are facing technical issues in your system, the system administrator can take control of your device remotely and fix the problem.

RATs as the new frontier


Win Spy is a legal proprietary RAT software that is easy to install and starts monitoring as soon as the installation process is complete. Win Spy provides detailed reports on system activity including but not limited to:

  • Apps installed
  • Words typed
  • Location, DNS information
  • Usage and Activity
  • Websites visited with details
  • Software used with details

One of the best uses of monitoring with Win Spy can be to thwart cyber threats. The detailed report structure gives a clear view on all the activities done on a remote system. Since all activities are logged, administrators can be alerted to suspicious website visits or downloads. This saves on critical time that is required to thwart a cyber-attack.

Remote Monitoring with RATs

Remote Monitoring with RAT is a double edged sword. When used effectively, it can help to mitigate the risks of cyber attacks. Surveillance of remote devices can help to increase productivity and give accurate information on usage statistics. At the same time, RATs may be hijacked by hackers to gain access to confidential information. A RAT that is controlled by a hacker may be sent as a RAT-Trojan combination and installed in a workstation without anyone finding out about it.

RATs and Cyber security


However, such situations are preventable by strictly following cyber security rules. For instance, do not open emails if they appear to have come from suspicious sources and install anti-malware in your system to detect and prevent attacks in time. It is no longer desktops and Windows OS systems that are vulnerable. Mobile devices running on Android OS are a target, may be bigger than ever before as more and more people are using phones and tablets to access the internet.

A RAT software is an essential component of the workplace as it allows administrators complete view of the activities on a mobile device. Constant monitoring and policing can prevent a major cyber-attack incident on an organization.

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