Remote Install Pdf Spy Software – Best #1 way to Hack Any Remote PC, Facebook Account Password, or Gmail Password.

There are many reasons that you might want to hack Facebook Password or Gmail Password. Perhaps you may have forgotten your Facebook Account Password, or Gmail Password and want to retrieve your account. Or Perhaps your company account got compromised by an ex worker. Our Remote Install PDF Spy Software will get the job done.

Warning!  They are many so called hackers on the world wide web, who claim that will be able to do this for a fee. Their catch is you pay them a fee first and they will hack any account you want. So what we did was, we offered prize money of $350 who anyone who could hack my own account. And read a specific message from my Facebook account. We offered this challenge to about 200 hackers. And no one could do it. They all wanted up front money. If they could genuinely do it $350 was theirs for the taking. Guess none of them were genuinely or scammers. Dont trust them. Like the saying “if you want something done right you have to do it yourself”

Today I am going to show you how you can use Win-Spy to hack or retrieve Your Facebook Password or Gmail Password.

Win-Spy Remote Install PDF Spy Software for Desktop gives you several options to do this. With Win-Spy you PC Monitoring you have to create several Types of Remote Install File. Below are the options.

1) Remote Install Exe Spy Software. With this you can create a remote file in an exe extension. If you include a picture the remote user will see the picture. Note by default desktops do not show extensions of files. The file will show a JPG icon

2) Remote Install PDF Spy Software or Remote Install JPG. In this instance a remote file with PDF or JPG extend will show. When remote user clicks on the file it will silently install the remote file.
Remote Install PDF Instructions to monitor remote pc.
* Remote Folder called MYPdf has been created on your Desktop.
* Please zip this folder and send it to remote PC you own. We suggest using WinZip free.
* Remote user will have to extract the folder and run the pdf file in it.

How to send remote file

Send file to PC you want to Monitor Via:
* File Sharing Website such as
* USB Drive
* CD Disk
* Or any legal means.

3) Remote Install Inject into another EXE. With this option you can inject our remote file into any other exe. In this scenario. You can inject remote file into an application such as setup file. When the remote user runs the file all the will see is the Setup file – Win-Spy remote will silently install in the background.

Get more information by watching this video:


  • View if Remote PC is Online
  • Live Remote Desktop
  • Upload / Download Files from Remote PC
  • Run commands in Remote PC
  • View Remote PC webcam (when motion detected)
  • Reports – Screen Shots of Remote PC by Time
  • Reports – Apps Installed on Remote PC
  • Reports – Apps Installed Count by day
  • Reports – Key log of words typed
  • Reports – PC Location, Serial and DNS info.
  • Reports – PS Usage and Activity time.
  • Reports – Website Visited Detail
  • Reports – Website Visited by Domain
  • Reports – Software usage by Time and Date

In addition you can view Remote PC in Real-time.

  • You can view remote PC desktop in Real-time. Watch what the remote user is doing in real-time.\
  • View Remote Webcam in real time. Watch remote environment in real-time.
  • Upload / Download any files from Remote PC.
  • Run any Files to Remote PC
  • Send message to remote PC – this is good if you are an employer.
  • Shutdown Remote PC, Restart or Sleep PC.

Now Let us show you on How to Retrieve Passwords or account from Facebook or Gmail using PDF Remote Install Spy Software. There are 2 ways Win-Spy can achieve this.

1) Remote Key logger. Remote Key logger will intercept your keyboard and capture anything typed on it.

2) Stored Password Extractor. This tool will extract stored password on your system. It will work on any browser and extract any username and password. In an event the password you are looking for is not in the list. You can look in the list and pretty much use the list password. Chances are most users
will use the same password.

Remote Install PDF Spy Software

View Video Below:


Another Benefit of Win-Spy is it can monitor you Mobile Phone. Win-Spy is the only spy software in the market that can monitor both your mobile phone and remote PC. And the best part is, it is affordable. You can monitor 5 mobile phones and 10 remote PC for just $49.95. and the license is reusable. You can remove the license from one phone and recover the license. And reuse it on another PC. And the same for Remote PC. You can uninstall from one PC and recover the license and reuse it on another remote PC.

Below is a summary of Win-Spy Features: Click here to View All Features

To sum things up. Win-Spy will allow you to monitor multiple devices. It will monitor your 10 Remote PC, Local PC and 5 Mobile Devices for just $49.95. Using Win-Spy is the easiest way to obtain Facebook username and Facebook password.

I hope you found this article useful. Note: This Article Remote Install Spy PDF Spy Software is for educational purpose only. Ps install on Remote PC and mobile device you own. Click here to Learn More on Facebook Account Hack >>>