Husband wants a divorce

Husband wants divorce, what do you do.

Husband wants a divorce what do you do?

The first question that will come to your mind is WHY, WHY, WHY!  Your Husband wants a divorce.

Is he having an affair or cheating on you? Is he running away from legal troubles or money lenders? Maybe he is trying to protect you?
If he tells you he is having an affair. Then it is simple. Now all you have to do is evidence gathering to favor you in your divorce court case.

But regardless you need to get to the truth, which is to get Proof and  Evidence, Evidence, Evidence.  Just in the event case, the divorce is going to happen.

Win-Spy Software will help you in getting to the truth and gaining evidence, You can use this evidence to your favor in divorce court.  Especially if your husband was cheating 

Remote Install Spy

Win-Spy will:
1) Give you access to ALL his saved Chrome Usernames and Passwords. With this, you can access all his Facebook, Gmail, Social Profiles, or any accounts he has visited on Google Chrome.
2) It will monitor ALL his Calls on his mobile phone and SMS. And GPS Location he visited or he is in real-time.
It will record Surrounding Conversations from his phone.
3) It will monitor ALL his Desktop / PC activities.

This is the best and cheapest tool for evidence gathering. Only $49.95.  It is much cheaper than paying Private investigators thousands of dollars to get the same this task done.

Evidence will help you in:
1) Property rights
2) Child custody
3) Alimony
4) Ect.

Husband wants divorce

But you need to get the Evidence when you can. When your cheating husband is still staying with you.

The next step would be:
1) Cancel all joint accounts you have, and cancel the car insurance you have – you do not want to be liable if he gets into a wreck. You are both legally on the policy for each other’s actions.
2) Get a lawyer and present the Evidence/Proof you have. This can favor your case.
3) Record your Emotional Distress and ‘SUE’ both parties for Infidelity. Different states have different laws. But in general, you can sue the parties involved in Infidelity leading to your divorce. This is where the spouse’s bank statement comes into play and is very important. To prove your distress. This is where Win-Spy comes into play. It has both a Keylogger and Chrome Password tool, So you can access his bank records. And how much he was spending on his infidelity.  PS see articles below: Sue both parties in event of Cheating and causing the divorce.

Husband wants divorce

In most cases, the Law will favor the person who was cheated on. From this, you stand a better chance of Winning in Property rights, Child Custody, Alimony, etc.

But gathering Evidence is the key.  And Win-Spy is a superb tool to achieve this.

The bottom line for most of us is how I going to live and Money is the key. 

Bottom Line:

If the marriage cannot be salvaged then give your husband a divorce and move on. Don’t Sacrifice your emotions for someone who does not want you. Move on.

Embrace yourself, You will go through waves of emotions, from freedom to happiness to loneliness to sadness and the cherry on top is the uncertainty about your future.

It drains a lot of emotional energy from you. I can’t even begin to imagine how it is for people with kids with time-sharing and custody battles. In the States, divorce is also extremely expensive.

But it might be better to bear the pain than be in an empty, loveless relationship and wondering if this is what the rest of your future is gonna be like.

It is not the end of the World. It probably is a blessing in disguise.  Like in my friend’s wife’s case.  She is divorced now.  But his ex was cheating on her and was a gambler.  If she was with him she would be broke.  But his new wife is realizing the gravity of having him. 

The next thing you will need to do if you still Husband want a divorce is to Secure yourself Financially click here to read more. 

I hope this article on Husband want divorce has enlightened you and helped you in your trying time.