How to hack facebook

How to Hack Facebook

How to Hack Facebook Password

Note: This tutorial on how to hack Facebook is for entertainment purposes only.

There are many reasons why someone would want to hack Facebook. Perhaps they would like to recover an old account or gain access to another account. Whatever the reason may be, it is beyond the scope of this post.

Also,  there are many tutorials on YouTube or Google on how to Hack Facebook. Rest assured we have tried all methods shown on youtube and nothing worked. Most methods shown are old methods and to date, have been patched up by Facebook.

A caution note! There are many so-called hackers online, that claim they will hack any Facebook account for a Fee. Beware of these guys. 99% of them are scammers. You have to pay upfront. They will take your money and you will not hear from them again, ever. We have tried to engage a few of them with our terms. We offered each hacker $250. If they were able to have into our account and reveal our password. None of them could do the job.

Note Facebook is a big billion-dollar company. And they have the resources to secure their site very well.

We are now going to show you 2 methods to hack Facebook passwords. This is the simplest method and most effective. The method is to use a keylogger and Chrome Stored Password Extractor tool.


a) Using a Keylogger by Win-Spy is a simple means to hack Facebook passwords. Using Win Spy key logger you can hack Facebook from your local desktop or Remote PC.

Local Desktop Hack:  To hack your Facebook Password from your local desktop. All you have to do is to install Win Spy App on your local Desktop and the app will do the rest in gaining the information.

Remote PC Hack: To hack Facebook passwords from any PC. You would:
1) Create a Spy File using the Remote Install File Creator.
2) Run the hack Facebook file on the desktop you want to monitor.
That is it!

hack facebook remote install

b) Using a Chrome Facebook Password Extractor Tool is simple.  This Tool will simply extract all username and password stores in Chrome.  This tool will extract stored hack Facebook stored passwords.

Note: Both tools are built into Win-Spy. You can hack Facebook from your Local Desktop or any Desktop.

hack facebook Username and Password

What Reports will I get?

You can view the password under Reports. You can view the reports in several ways listed below:
1) The Remote Viewer.  The viewer will allow you to connect directly to any desktop and get the data you need in RealTime.


2) Via Online Dashboard.


3) Via Email Reports.

What Info will I get:

  • View if Desktop is Online
  • Live Remote Desktop
  • Upload / Download Files from Any Desktop
  • Run commands on Any Desktop
  • View Remote Desktop webcam (when motion detected)
  • Reports – Screen Shots of Remote Desktop by Time
  • Reports – Apps Installed on Remote Desktop
  • Reports – Apps Installed Count by day
  • Reports – Keylog of words typed
  • Reports – PC Location, Serial, and DNS info.
  • Reports – PS Usage and Activity time.
  • Reports – Website Visited Detail
  • Reports – Website Visited by Domain
  • Reports – Software usage by Time and Date
  • Reports – Stores Password Extractor

Win Spy only cost $49.95 for one year with 10 Remote PC Licenses. The license is reusable. Win Spy FacebookHack keylogger and chrome password extractor are the cheapest in the market.

Although there are many apps in the market with a keylogger, Win-Spy is the Only monitoring software that has 2 tools to hack Facebook usernames and passwords. 1) Keylogger 2) Stored Password Extractor tool.

The Benefits of using Win Spy Remote for monitoring are:

1) Affordability/Price – win Spy Remote will allow you to monitor 10 remote PC and 10 mobile devices for only $49.95 for one year.  You will not find anything cheaper in the market.

2) Functionality – You can view the Remote PC in Rea-lime or via our Dashboard from anywhere in the World.

3) Get info fast via 2 methods – You get accurate reporting to make a quick decision with the data you have.

Win Spy Provides many superior benefits for monitoring.

In addition, you can monitor any remote PC and mobile device from one Dashboard. All in one package to help your business grow. Our software does not need firewall configuration. It works just the same as TeamViewer. You can view the remote employee desktop live.

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With Win Spy Monitoring you can monitor any remote PC from anywhere in the world. Screenshots of what the employee has been doing all day will be saved on our server. With this information, you will be able to see what

I hope our post on the sure way to hack Facebook passwords has enlightened you. But, PS Install Win Spy on PCs or Networks you own. Please check your local laws when installing a monitoring app on your PCs.