Best #1 way to Recover Username and Passwords from 10 remote pc.

We have many reasons to recover chrome username and password.  We may have lost our own password or we just would like an ex employees account which contain our company lost information.

Lets dive straight into the topic. In this tutorial I am going to show you step by step on how you can access your local pc or remote pc chrome username and passwords.  This is the easiest method to recover lost username and passwords for Local and 10 Remote PC.


For Local PC all you have to do is to install Win-Spy on your local PC.  Run the Recovery Tool to get Chrome Username and Password.

Get Chrome Username and Password


For remote PC there are several steps for you to go to get chrome username and password.

  1. Create a Remote File
  2. Run the Remote File on the Remote PC.
  3. Upload the Chrome Username and Password app on the Remote PC
  4. And Get all the Username and Passwords for Chrome.

It is That Simple.

Step 1: Create a Remote File

hack gmail

Step 2. Run the Remote File and Login to Remote PC

pc spy remote login

Step 3.  On Remote Dashboard go to Reports and click on Chrome Recovery.

Chrome Username and Password

Step 4.  Read Chrome Username and Password.

Read Chrome Username and Password


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