5 Ways to Financially Prepare for a Divorce

5 Ways to Financially Prepare for a Divorce

5 Ways to Financially Prepare for a Divorce in Infidelity

According to USA Divorce Rate Statistics. 20% of marriages end in the first 5 years. 32% end in the first 10 years. 48% of spouses who married before the age of 18 are likely to divorce within 10 years. 25% of spouses over 25 years of age get divorced within 10 years.

Needless to say in most events, divorce leaves both couples financially broke and financially burdened.  The key to this is that both couples were not prepared for divorce and did not do their financial preparation work prior to the divorce.

Ok, I am going to dive straight into the topic of 5 Ways to Financially Prepare for a Divorce.

1) Get Solid Evidence of Infidelity that caused the divorce. Evidence is very important to prepare for a divorce case. This could be your ACE card in getting your way in court or with the cheating spouse.  Especially when it comes to financial assets. Be patient and do the homework. Chances are if you smell a rat then there probably is a cheating spouse.

Divorce Evidence

The first thing is to gather proof of Cheating and Infidelity in Divorce.

Spy Software. Get an App called Win-Spy from www.win-spy.com. This could be the best first alternative. Since it only costs $49 a Year, you can monitor both the cell/mobile phone and Remote Desktop. You can monitor 10 remote desktops and 5 mobile phones for only $49 a year. This is the cheapest first choice in evidence gathering on a cheating spouse’s Infidelity.

Win-Spy comes with a Keylogger and Chrome Password Extractor. Chrome Password Extractor will extract all stored usernames/passwords from Chrome Browser. This tool will allow you to access ALL your cheating spouse’s emails, website accounts, chats, etc. This tool alone will allow you tons of access to all the evidence you need on a cheating spouse.  View Sample Report Of Password Extractor – Click Here.

This option is much, much cheaper than hiring a private investigator.

Stealth Mobile Spy and PC Spy Software by Win-Spy

Private investigator. Get a private investigator or do it yourself. You could easily follow your cheating spouse via GPS live location and take pictures and gather evidence of Infidelity. Private Investigators can be Costly.  And not worth the money if you only have a hunch about your cheating spouse’s Infidelity. This amount could run to thousands of dollars and may not be financially sound based on a hunch. This method is only practical if your hunch was proven right or after reviewing your spouse’s mobile data or pc data using the spy app.

2) What is Contested and Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorce – the parties agree on all the major issues of the case.

Contested divorce – the parties do not agree on major issues and will rely on the court to determine the outcome of the case.

In any case, if you have good evidence of spouse Infidelity, then it does not matter if it is an uncontested divorce or a contested divorce.  Either your cheating spouse will agree with your financial terms, or the courts will determine the terms.  But, If you can prove Infidelity on your spouse’s part, then the court will favor your terms for the divorce. 

In an Infidelity case, courts will in most events favor you the person who was cheated on.

Child Custody. Evidence, could probably/easily allow you to win child custody. Of course, if you have child custody.

a) You can easily claim Child Support.
b) Claim your children as dependents on your Income Tax statement and get a bigger refund check.

child-support divorce

Property. Evidence, could also likely allow you to get a positive outcome on the property (house and car) you hold jointly.  Finding a new place and paying rentals as a divorcee is no fun these days.

Dividing properties after divorce

3) Spouse Bank Records. This is very, very important – keep records of your spouse’s financial/bank records. This will show what they are spending on their Infidelity (hotels, rooms, trips, dining). This could solidify your case on what you will receive financially. You could argue on what you are receiving is much less than what the spouse was paying for the affair.

Bank Records

4) Open Your Own Bank Account. Open a New Bank Account. And get your Credit Cards. You want to avoid being taken by shock when your spouse moves out and leaves you out to dry. Move some money to your bank account via cash for a rainy day.

5) Record your Emotional Distress and ‘SUE’ both parties for Infidelity. Different states have different laws. But in general, you can sue the parties involved in Infidelity leading to your divorce. This is where the spouse’s bank statement comes into play and is very important. To prove your distress. PS see articles below:

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Divorce from Infidelity is a very painful thing to go through. Your trust is destroyed, your heart is cracked and you feel abandoned by the very person who said: “I DO”. While it is a very bad thing. Sometimes it could be better to work things out with your spouse. Knowing the truth beforehand might be better before things go out of hand. It could also save your marriage.

Disclaimer: I am not a litigator of any kind. I hope our post on 5 Ways to Financially Prepare for a Divorce in Infidelity has enlightened you. But, PS Install this app on networks or devices you own. Please check your local laws when installing a monitoring app on your devices.