3 Proven ways to Hack Gmail Account

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3 Proven ways to hack GMAIL account.

Google has become a Goliath in recent years. Gmail a subsidiary of google has also become a the biggest and most used emailing service in the World. How do you hack a gmail account has in turn become a needed tool for various purposes.

Although there are many online videos and articles on google on how you can hack GMAIL account Online. 99% of those videos or tutorials do not work.
Either the hack gmail videos or tutorials were written for earlier versions of GMAIL. Or, they are written just to draw traffic to their websites for the keyword hack Gmail.

Google is a multi-billion dollar company. And they have taken every steps to secure GMAIL passwords. They take their security very seriously. And they have the best IT experts. Someone’s pay to hack GMAIL account these days has become a very daunting or almost impossible task.

There many experts online that claim that they can hack any GMAIL passwords for a fee. Beware of these guys. They ask for upfront money and just disappear. We have approached at least a 100 of the so called hackers and told them we would pay $300 if they could hack my own GMAIL account and tell us the first email and subject of that email. Upon which we would pay them $300. None of them were able to do it. It was easy $300 for someone who could do it. So the bottom line is it is not an easy thing to do and most of this so called hackers are scammers. Never give these guys upfront money.

SOCIAL ENGINEERING – some sites cover this topic in stating that you could simply do a forgot email recovery option. And, if you know the person well enough, you could probably guess their pets name and how to hack Gmail account on android.

This method WILL NOT WORK.
1)Google is aware of this is issue and this was resolved in 2012.
2)How are you going to overcome the issue of entering 6 digit passcode sent to the owners phone.

So clearly this method will not work.

PHISHING – Yes you can create a website similar to Gmail password recovery page. Send the victim an email stating their GMAIL has been compromised. This method may work if the victim has no knowledgeable and do not realize that the Phishing domain address is fake. Also:
1) You will need to spend time and money to create a realistic GMAIL recovery page and pitch. If the person password you want to access does not click on the recovery page link. Then time and money is lost.
2) And if the person has 2 step verification – then all effort is lost in hacking their GMAIL.

KEYLOGGING – This is your best bet. There are many key loggers in the market such as mSpy, Highster Mobile, FlexiSpy, iKeyMonitor. However these key loggers have to be installed on the PC itself. None of these key loggers have Remote Install Option.

REMOTE INSTALL KEYLOGGING – WIN-SPY is Only remote monitoring software in the market with True remote install keylogging.

With Win Spy you can create a remote module and send it to the remote PC. When the victim clicks on the file it would silently install.  You will be able to hack their gmail passwords in several methods.  Win Spy offers several types of remote files. It has:

  • Exe – an exe file type would be produced. Exe file type would show a jpg icon. If a picture is included. The user would just show the picture.
  • Pdf, Jpg, Ppt – remote file will create output of these file types in a folder. If a picture is included. The user would see the picture.
  • Combine – this will inject remote module into any other exe file such as msconfig.exe. When remote user runs the msconfig.exe file. The remote file would silently install. And msconfig.exe file would just run normally. Get more information here>>


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1) Via Remote Viewer – In Win Spy Main App – Go to Remote Viewer.  Select the PC you want to connect to and you will be able to view the remote PC Live Desktop. You can also view all reports and download or run any files from the remote PC.  You can view the keylogger for the hack gmail username and password.

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2)Via your Dashboard: Login to your Dashboard. http://1mobilespy.com:5900/login/auth and click on View PC.

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3) Via your Gmail: Obtain Reports Via Gmail. win-Spy reports will be emailed to the gmail account you specified.

Win Spy will also monitor your mobile phone.
You can monitor 10 remote PC and 5 mobile devices for just $49.95 a Year with Win-Spy.

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* Observe that electronic spying is ruled by a neighborhood legal guidelines. Make sure you adhere to local guidelines governing these style of activity. It is usually accepted to spy on machine or Personal computer’s you Own. Review legislation in your town if you are thinking about spying on somebody’s cellphone or Computer.